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Green Tile
Green Tile is a brand of eco-friendly tiles at Green Distribution – a privately funded corporation that specializes in sustainable, earth-friendly residential and commercial materials for Green Building. Many companies say they are going green, but we didn’t have to go green because we started as a green company.

Why Green Tile?
Our tiles are made from recycled materials. Unlike conventional ceramic tile that exhausts clays and minerals from natural resources, using recycled materials lessens the destruction of natural resources and usage of fuel for manufacturing.  We proudly produce tiles that require less energy to manufacture, thus slashing fuel use in manufacturing and reduce environmental pollution. It is our passion to practice green business. In 2004, Green Distribution was founded out of a passion for green building and vision for sustainability and a concern for toxic chemicals found in building products. Our vision is to create quality products for healthier living and working environments while becoming more efficient in usage and project costs.

Benefits of Green Tile
Recycled products like tiles are the ones that will outlast the most. These are highly-durable tiles which mean there are lesser chances of replacing them even after so many years of use. Our tiles are scratch-resistant, easy to clean, and does not contain toxic chemicals that emit poisonous or harmful fumes when it undergoes the process of outgassing unlike in ordinary tiles, linoleum, vinyl, and other conventional ceramic tiling that gasses off health-hazardous fumes.

Anti-Bacterial and Air-Cleaning Properties of Green Tile
Unlike other tiles, Green Tile does not absorb liquid or release unpleasant odors. Green Tile also do not harbor dangerous molds and mildew, or spores, dust, and mites. Our tiles are unlike any other because ours contain Titanium Dioxide – a natural and precious element which naturally degrades gas pollutants, leaving them completely innocuous. Green Tile improves the air you breathe in your home, office, or anywhere you decide to use Green Tile.

Highly Sustainable Materials Used
We believe in promoting sustainability and being socially responsible – we promote socially responsible causes that help the environment, promote health and well-being. Our green products can help you get your Green Building projects certified. When choosing your next set of tiles for a home or commercial building, choose eco-friendly, sustainable tiles from Green Tile.


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